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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Ministry of Central Services provides a wide array of internal government services to over 12,000 government employees. Its main lines of business are human resources, accommodations, transportation and IT services.

In addition to its internal programs, Central Services provides a variety of services to the public and businesses. These include job hiring, the purchase of goods and services from the private sector and the disposal of used government equipment.


Changes are being made to the naming policy for government buildings and geographic features in the province. The changes are the result of recommendations made by Dr. Gordon Barnhart.

The Government of Saskatchewan will hand over keys to the Wolseley Courthouse to the Town of Wolseley.

Central Services is pleased to announce the launch of the new SaskTenders website. The redesigned SaskTenders site will be home to all procurement opportunities for executive government and Crown corporations, in addition to the municipal, academic, school and health sectors.

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